How to take advantage of a large garden space

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If you have the luxury of a large garden space you may find that ideas can get lost, and the space can end up looking messy with no focal features. If you want functional but also aesthetically pleasing concepts, here are some ideas for features that will bring your garden to life:

Installing raised beds is an authentic idea that can also give you a reason to spend time in your garden. Raised garden beds can be made from different types of wood to make them blend in with the natural environment. You can grow herbs, vegetables or even flowers, bring colour to space and even provide fresh produce which can be extremely rewarding.

Outdoor kitchens are a more modern idea however if you love to cook and want a unique location to entertain family and friends, this is a great concept. This can be designed in a way that suits your garden, with features such as an outdoor bar, pizza oven and BBQ to create your kitchen.

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Even if you already have a garage, installing a new one or upgrading can be a great investment and garden feature. Garages do not have to be simply functional; you can have materials such as wood or canvas to create an eye-catching frame. Oak Framed Garages that can be found with companies such as have increased in popularity, with their bespoke designs created to fit the aesthetic of your property.

Outdoor seating areas can be the perfect family area or garden escape. However, features such as furniture can become worn and dated, creating less appeal to spending time there. Adding a large patio or decking feature would create a strong foundation for seating, away from the grass but still immersed in nature. Why not position your seating near a tree feature, or incorporate a statue to make a statement?

Pathways can be the feature that will break up space well as well as creating a sense of structure. Pathway materials vary from gravel to stepping stones, producing a feature that allows for exploration around different areas of  your garden.

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Finally, why not create a secret garden? If you have the time or would be happy to work with a landscape gardener, this idea is perfect. Building a feature wall or putting a hedge provides a hidden and intimate space, which can be decorated with flowers, statues, and even larger features such as arches. A secret garden could be the perfect outdoor escape, and a great talking point for guests too…

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