How to look after your heating system

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We have moved into the time of year when more and more people are looking to turn their heating on as a way of keeping themselves warm at home as the colder winter weather sets in. In order for your home to remain warm throughout this season you need to make sure that you are looking after your heating system. There are some quick and easy ways to do this.

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Servicing – make sure that you regularly have your heating system checked out by an Evesham Boilers company such as  Combi Man to help identify any issues before they become big concerns. If your system needs to have repairs undertaken the company will be able to do these for you and will also be able to give a rough indication as to the longevity of your current boiler, giving you time to save up if necessary.

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Radiators – air can build up in your system which can mean that your radiators no longer heat up in the same way as they used to. You can simply bleed your radiators to help release the air in your system. You should always do this when your system is cold and never attempt this when your radiators are hot.

Protecting your pipes – frozen and cracked pipes can result in your heating system not working correctly so having them protected will help to reduce the chances of them freezing and cracking. This can be done relatively cheaply and your heating engineer will be able to give you more advice on this.

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