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It is undeniable boom that gastronomy has experienced lately. The taste for cooking has moved to our homes and therefore the interest in cooking has gone on to become a priority in decorating our homes Do you want to know how to get a sophisticated and spectacular kitchen?

If you want to feel like a real chef, here you will find the latest trends to achieve an elegant and colorful cuisine with the best materials, fashionable colors and elements that are cutting edge decor.

Black and wood, a combination 5 stars

Combine black with earth tones is a risky bet that not all would be willing to bet. If a priori you like this possibility but you have doubts about the end result, you can always choose to place the furniture in wood color, more traditional solution, and risk in wall tiles.

How to get a sophisticated and spectacular cuisineOur proposal is that you decide on square black glazed tiles, which when multiplied bright light in your kitchen and give clean feeling. If you combine it with a table and chairs retro you get to give this room a chic and elegant look that will not disappoint.

The most “in” the moment: Aesthetic Brooklyn

The Brooklyn style, referring to the aesthetics of the known New Yorker district fascinates us through film and television series, is the decorative trend that floods us this year, and the kitchen would not be the exception. In it, the hydraulic floors alternate with aged wood surfaces, lighting of Edison years and a lot of white brick.

Get moving their decorative to your kitchen key is not impossible task, embébete of his eclecticism and mixing styles as different as industrial and modern with sophisticated and vintage details, get a room full of personality that will take you to the past and that you never want to leave.

An open kitchen why not?

The dream of almost all fans of gastronomy is enjoying an integrated kitchen in the living room, allowing serve family or guests while cooking, and not miss a word of the conversation. If you opt for this solution, and a feeling of spaciousness, you will have probably a greater amount of natural light, something not always enjoy the kitchens.

To avoid annoying inconvenience of food smells, be aware that you must install a range hood power, adapted to the dimensions of the entire stay. You must also decide if you want to unify the different environments or differentiate using different coatings on floors and colors on the walls. And of course the order is paramount in this option where all the cooking is in sight.

White, a classical renovated

White is a classic that never goes out of fashion, it is a versatile color that perfectly fits the latest trends in decoration. Current keys are: doors with moldings, handles metal and glass cases with pickling effect. If you combine well with a wooden countertop you get a total Nordic style today.

If your kitchen is small, this color is the best alternative, because you will achieve the space seem more spacious and bright. If a white kitchen you find it bores and bland, alégrala introducing some key color through small details: plants, appliances, cloths or pads chairs.

Would you dare with a striking proposal?

Opting for this vibrant color and will achieve an original and energetic kitchen. The red is a primary color that will stimulate you from the first morning coffee and you instantly provide a feeling of vitality.

Light colors are the ideal companions to give the perfect counterpoint to this striking color. Laminate flooring, brick walls combined with tiles, refrigerators or taps, white and you fall in love with your kitchen Do not say that red is the shade of love?

Natural and white wood: a modern style and functional

When you choose how you want your kitchen to keep in mind first of all what are your priorities. It will not always be possible to follow the latest trend, for example if it is intended to achieve a stay family use, with small or not so small children need more than a practical and functional kitchen that suits your needs.

In this case, we recommend natural wood cabinets, easy to clean and knobs that allow placing safety locks. Enter the white to light and splashes of bright colors, for example in household appliances, to convey optimism and vitality. On the floor better than opt for cleanable materials and are nonslip.

Looking contrasting tones and materials

Do not be afraid to mix different styles, now know properly combine trends that a priori may seem contrary is to bet on the winning horse. Start by choosing a hydraulic floor, so popular in the seventies and lately he is recovering from the trunk of memories, which will put a nice retro decorative touch.

The cabinets in white are a safe bet and if you contrast with a top in black and mesh in the work area will get a striking effect that will conquer you. If you dare to put a slate on which to write down the shopping list and a shelf in the window to cover herbs complete your kitchen a charming and current mode, you know the details are the element that gives life to the decorating a room.

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