How to Clear Up Your Garden in Spring

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Whether you live in a northern climate or one that is much milder, clearing up your garden in spring can be a lot of work. While it may be tempting to cut back perennials in mid-April, you should wait until late May to do this. Even if your spring garden is lush and beautiful, there are many things to do before the flowers bloom. Hopefully, these tips will help you clear up your garden and make it a more appealing place to spend time.

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Firstly, wait until the temperatures are in the double figures to begin clearing. Many types of pollinators hibernate in the stems of flowers and trees during the winter. If you disturb them, they may not emerge at the right time. Also, wait until the ground thaws before working on it. Watering soil too soon can cause compaction and harm insects. Consequently, you should avoid working on it until the temperatures reach milder double figures.

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During the spring cleanup, it is important to make sure the soil is dry. This is because wet soil can compact and hinder the growth of new plants. During this time, you should review your garden for dead branches or plants. If you notice any, remove them and compost them. Be sure to remove any dead plants or thick branches. Also, check for the presence of any diseased or infected plants.


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