How to Care for your Marble Floor Tiles

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Marble is a natural stone that is always a popular choice for flooring. Marble tiles like this look great in any part of the home, and they are not something that come and go with fashion – marble will always be a classic choice for a home interior.

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When you have marble tiles in your home, you will want to take good care of them. Maintaining your tiles means that they will always look good and last as long as you want them too.

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Because marble is porous, it is important to make sure that spillages are cleaned up quickly, as otherwise liquids can absorb into the stone and then it will lose its natural shine and look dull.  You can have your tiles sealed by a professional, which is highly recommended if you want to keep them protected. A sealer will apply a coat of sealant before the tiles are grouted and another one after.

When you have furniture on a marble floor, it is best to use protective furniture pads underneath it, to soften the impact of the furniture on the stone and reduce the risk of dents forming in it.

When it comes to cleaning your marble tiles, look for products that are specifically designed for marble. Using products that are too harsh can ruin the appearance of the stone, making it appear discoloured or pitted. Cleaners that are designed especially for marble help to make the most of the natural beauty of it without ruining it.

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