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Have you ever wandered into a Gloucestershire Florist such as and thought how wonderful it would be to have some of their beautiful flowers in your home? You aren’t alone. A lot of people like to have flowers in their homes as it brings some wonderful colours and smells indoors. There are a number of different ways that you can arrange flowers in your home and the options that you choose will depend very much on how often you like to buy flowers and what kinds of spaces you want to add flowers to.

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Vases – the most traditional way to display flowers in your home is by placing them in a vase. You can arrange them beautifully by thinking about the flowers that you use and which ones should be placed in the middle of the vase. If you are going to place the arrangement on a table you will want to place the tallest flowers in the centre of the vase and have others placed carefully around them. An alternative is to have a vase placed against a wall. In this instance you can then place the tallest flowers at the back of the vase and reduce them in size as it comes to front.

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Arrangements – if you would rather have a display of flowers that is a bit more stylish than placing flowers in a vase, you can have them put in an arrangement. This can be done by a florist like the ones mentioned above or it may be that this is a craft that you want to try for yourself. Making flower arrangements can be a lot of fun and you can use a variety of flowers, from fresh through to artificial and dried flowers.

Flower walls – if you want to have something a little different in one of your rooms or out in your garden you could look at having a flower wall. Again these can be made from fresh or artificial flowers and they can be created in a number of different sizes. They are created by placing flowers on plastic squares that you can then join together to make a larger wall section.They are incredibly popular at weddings.

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