Health and safety factors when renovating a property

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Taking on a renovation project is a great opportunity to create the exact home that you’re looking for. Often homeowners do this to secure a property in the right location and at the right price. Other times buyers simply want the chance to put their own mark on a property. Whatever the reason you decide to renovate a property, there are health and safety factors that you need to take into account.

Health and safety factors when renovating a property

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With the cost of houses in many areas now out of the reach of first time buyers, renovation properties are becoming more appealing. A recent survey from Reeds Rains and Your Move found that just 15% of people were particularly looking for a renovation project, but 45% would take any property that was the right price, regardless of the condition.

Fire safety

Rather than leaving the area of fire safety until the end of the construction process, designing it into the structure of your renovation could be more cost effective and efficient. There are a range of fire protection measures that you can consider, such as wired smoke alarms and active fire protection systems, including those available through Automist installers in Bristol.

An Automist system can be retrofitted into an existing property, even period homes, enabling you to meet building regulations and retain the existing character of the building.
Health and safety on site

Whether you’re carrying out the renovation work yourself or employing builders, you need to ensure that your site follows the appropriate health and safety guidelines. Using a chartered architect like London based chartered architect in London could be of help.  This will mean that the work can be carried out safely and reduce the risk of accidents. Otherwise you could be putting yourself or others at risk. Some 25% of people who carry out DIY end up visiting the hospital due to work that they’ve done on their property.

Professional builders will understand their requirements and how to conduct their work safely. You might be trying to keep costs as low as possible on a renovation project, but sometimes it’s necessary to hire professional help. It can often be more cost effective and considerably safer, reducing the amount of time and money required to put elements of the work right.

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