What you may not know about copper

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We are surrounded by copper everyday but how much do we really know about this fascinating metal? Here are some interesting facts for you to impress people with then next time the conversation turns to copper!

  1. The oldest object made of metal is copper which was discovered in the Middle East. It is a very small awl which dates back to 5100 BC.
  2. Copper is the third most used metal in the world, following aluminium and iron. Around 75% of the copper used is for telecommunications, electrical wiring and various electronics.

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  1. Most people think of grey or silver when they think about metal. Did you know that copper and gold are the only two metals that don’t have this grey/silver colouring?
  2. Copper is most often found in ore form and so needs to be smelted or extracted before it can be used. For a range of Copper Pipe Fittings, go to Watkins & Powis
  3. Approximately two thirds of the copper on earth is found in volcanic rocks and the reason it is used in electronics and wiring is because it conducts electricity and heat excellently and is a malleable metal.
  4. When exposed to oxygen in the air and water, copper turns green. This is because it loses its electrons. This oxidation reaction turns the copper a green colour and the copper becomes copper oxide. The Statue of Liberty is green for this reason as she is made predominantly from copper.

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  1. If you could stretch out the copper wiring in a car, it would extend for 1.5 kilometres!
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