Do roofers work in the winter?

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Roofing can be a difficult job in optimum conditions, but the poor light and bad weather in the latter part of the year make it even more challenging. Most roofers will still work during the winter, but they will need to bring all their experience and expertise to bear.

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Challenges of roofing in winter


Safety has to be a primary concern for roofers, but this is particularly true in winter. On top of the usual concerns about precarious heights and dangerous tools, visibility may be poor and rain and snow can make surfaces more slippery. Jobs that could normally be carried out by one roofer may need additional team members, whilst extra personal protective equipment and different tools may be required.

Protecting tools

In addition to protecting personnel, roofers need to protect their tools. Not only are they vital to roofing work, they can be expensive to repair or replace. Equipment such as nail guns or compressors will not function properly if they become too cold, whilst other tools may be damaged or become harder to use when they are wet. Proper storage is essential to protect tools from the weather, which may mean purchasing extra protective equipment.

More time consuming

Even simple jobs may take a long time when working in adverse winter conditions. Roofers Bristol such as will account for that when scheduling to ensure customers are not disappointed, and that work is still done to a high quality without rushing. This is particularly true for jobs that use adhesive, which may not function properly in the cold.

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It would not be economically viable for roofers to simply stop working in the winter. Winter roofing presents additional challenges, but it is not impossible, and their services are needed as much, if not more than ever.

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