Do It Yourself: a shelf in the form of a cloud step by step

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If you are decorating or thinking about decorating a children’s room, this Bruguer DIY can be very inspiring. The idea can not be simpler, but not prettier, a blue sky and a cloud that at the same time incorporates a bookcase in which to place books or decorations.

This DIY shelf in the shape of a cloud brings color and has that point of creativity and imagination that excites the little ones of the house and also has the added value that we have prepared it ourselves. We go with the materials and the step by step.

Do It Yourself a shelf in the form of a cloud step by stepThe material needed for this DIY is: white and blue paint, in this case the collection, a holding shelf, a brush and a roller, a piece of cardboard for the cloud template and a roll of masking tape. All very easy to get.

To begin, before applying the paint, we must prepare the wall in which we will carry out the project. We will sand the surface a little to eliminate the imperfections and we will put tape of corps to cover the limits of the wall to paint, thus we will avoid to stain the adjoining walls.

Next we will paint the whole wall of blue, in this case the chosen tone has been the Caribbean Turquoise Natural of Colors of the World of Bruguer. You have to start painting by the edges and continue painting the rest of the surface.

While the paint is drying, we can prepare the template in the form of a cloud. We will take as a reference the width of the shelf that we will place later, as you can see in the images. We will draw on the cardboard the silhouette of a cloud and cut it.

With the help of the platilla we can already draw the cloud on the wall, to do so we will use a level to make sure that the shelf is completely horizontal when we place it.

Now it’s time to paint the cloud in white, in this case it has been painted with Alaska Intermediate White of Colors of the World of Bruguer. Again, it is best to start at the edge of the cloud and then refill the inside.

When the paint is dry, we can place the support and then the shelf and we will have our shelf ready. You will not tell me that it is not a precious and well, who says for a children’s room, says for other spaces, that white clouds in blue sky and shelves, we also like the elderly.

Written by suNCh8

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