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Your park home should be as welcoming, cosy and up-to-date as any other home, whether you live there all year, or visit every other weekend. But it isn’t always easy to get it right with a smaller room to play with. Read on for our top tips for decorating your home in the park.

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Some residential park homes can not really be modified, but others can, and if you can, consider adding sleeping areas in the mezzanine, particularly for visiting grandchildren who very often do not use the beds. This increases the amount of floor space you have to enjoy, and thus, living space.

Colour blocking walls makes rooms look bigger than patterns that are fussy. Park homes appear to look more wallpapered rather than decorated, so try to find light colours for a spacious and vibrant effect, such as light blue, light green and yellow. It’s OK to have different coloured walls, but use a colour wheel to create an additional colour scheme (i.e. blue and yellow).

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Efficient storage space is a vital part of living in a home in a park. For a more limited look, consider covering up some of your built-in storage shelves with a door. And those living in a home in a park need a ‘messy’ drawer or cupboard hideaway to put odds and ends in!

Park homes often come with outdoor space at some level usually a terrace and a grassy field. Bedfordshire Park Homes from Park Home Life come with their own private garden area. If you’re going to spend extended periods away from home, especially in winter, opt for hardy, low maintenance plants.

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