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In decoration everything is allowed, as long as you feel comfortable inside your house. As you know, there are endless options for decorating the rooms; some more modern, others more classic … But, after all, they all have something that manages to adorn the spaces in which we inhabit.

Typically, the walls of the houses are usually colored white, or, in any case, smooth tones. However, there is a more daring option, but also more daring, this is to decorate with stripes.

Decorate with stripesThe most common is that we decorate with striped walls, to give a special touch to the rooms, but you can also use other supplements to integrate this type of decoration in your home. The textiles that cover the sofas or the beds are good examples of this. Do not leave behind the curtains, which can perfectly accompany a simple stay, giving it a special touch.

Before you crazy with stripes, you must have a clear set of ideas. Stripes are a type of decoration that gives a very fun and cheerful air to the rooms, especially if they are colored. However, you must be careful not to overdo them. With this we want to tell you to choose an element to decorate it with stripes. If you select the walls, try the rest of the furniture have solid colors, stripes or no other pattern. On the contrary it happens if you decide for a sofa with stripes, or a striped curtains. Finally, Base yourself in the colors of the stripes to match the rest of the elements of the stay. For example, if the wall has red and white stripes, use these two colors for the furniture or textiles that are present in the room. It’s easy, now you just have to choose the colors you like most to ‘scratch’ your house.

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