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When we started thinking about how to decorate the house with different ideas. We may think of using conventional colors, fun styles or any creative element that could add a different touch to our home.

However, there is a color that rarely takes into account: the gold. In addition, not because it is not beautiful, but if used too will be saturated the place and lose all its elegance decoration.

In this article, we share how to decorate with gold and get the most sophisticated and innovative style.

Decorate with goldDecorate with gold

Is gold a good proposal decor? That answer depends entirely on our tastes, because gold is an exotic proposal full of glamor and luxury any stay, if well used. No doubt with golden lights decorates rooms for its unique color, as well as being fully vanguard. If you are interested in decorating with gold and create new spaces in your home, then this article is for you.

Keys to Using elegantly gold

Gold is an intense color, so it should be complemented with neutral or muted colors.  Some examples are black, dark gray, chocolate, broken white, beige, cream and all kinds of brown. The choice of what complementary colors are those that define if to decorate with gold or not are the perfect choice. There are very exotic elements that can be achieved with colors like pink or orange, but easily falls into the inelegant if used, so do not recommend more than experts decorators.

Another very important with respect to decorate with golden point is that it should be only a complement  and thus away from saturation. If too many golden elements then recharges a room and is no longer used sophisticated. Ideal complements are mirror frames, lamps, some mosaics and various accessories. These small accents with a neutral background, as off – white or chocolate, will be perfect.

The  furniture is another option that should be used carefully. Some good elements may be the top of the sink, dresser, side tables, a couple of chairs (no more) or a mirror. The golden imposed and must be considered within this decoration.

The vinyl can be a good choice. On a dark background, it will highlight a lot and will be very bright.

No doubt these are some key ideas to decorate in gold and get a result full of sophistication and elegance, anything else that would add to decorate in gold? Do you will decorate your home this way? Tell us in the comments.

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