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Metalized surfaces being a strong trend in this 2015, especially those that unite cutting – edge designs with a taste for the traditional. In this aspect, copper is one of the favorite materials to complement our environments. Color brings its recognizable personality, light, warmth and good taste to any interior … and all served in small doses.

Copper decorationMetal, but not cold

Generally metal details in the decoration must be combined with measurement, since the sensation of coldness of these materials makes them a risky bet that should be smoothed with its colors (e.g. painting iron in pastel tones) and other elements with the accompanying (contrast with textile steel, wood or forging). In the case of copper the same is true, but its reddish finish is less aggressive than metals too dark or too light, and combines particularly well with bright colors.

Your living reflection

The metallic sheen of copper is a great resource to give light to the interior. Its reflexes make perfect match with such extreme shades like black and white. It also helps to make more welcoming large spaces, such as the houses with high ceilings, as even a small piece has great presence because of its color and brightness.


One of the outstanding features of copper objects is reminiscent of times past, when many household items were made in this area for durability. Especially the household, but also some pieces of decoration and, above all, functional items such as lamps, buckets, baskets, or even pipes that can now install superficially purely decorative purposes, are great with copper texture.

Elegance in detail

Definitely, as best copper is in the set are small touches. Excessive doses of its reflection could be burdensome, so you have to choose the right to be part of the style but without cannibalizing brushstrokes. The decorative styles are usually star in the vintage, for obvious reasons, or the industry, by its metal souvenir factories that inspire this trend; however, the possibilities are unlimited and also are a most durable material. Copper we will have time!

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