Common reasons why a TV aerial won’t work

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There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down to watch your favourite show and finding out that you have no signal. There are many simple problems that you could detect and solve to rectify the issues, however, and this guide aims to give you the information you need in order to quickly get back to that all-important TV time.

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Causes of Signal Problems

There are many reasons why your aerial may not be working properly. These include damage to the cable, problems with the TV aerial, damaged sockets or points, poor positioning or even bad weather.

If you’re getting that dreaded message announcing, ‘No Signal’, first check that the right source input is chosen. If this is not the issue, consider that your antenna or aerial may have a problem.

More Checks

Before calling out professionals in aerial installations and repairs, such as, check that your aerial cable hasn’t become loose or been disconnected. You should also check that you don’t need to retune your TV. This can make sure that your TV is properly tuned into transmitter frequencies and that your aerial signal is being picked up.

Another thing to consider is whether you have moved the aerial, perhaps from the roof to the loft, without advice from experts in installations and TV aerial repair Bristol, or wherever you happen to live. Roof tiles can also cause problems due to interference with reception capabilities.

Perhaps your aerial is facing in the wrong direction or is not in the right position to ensure good reception. If this is the case, an aerial professional could help to ensure your aerial is working to maximum effect. Find tips on finding reputable tradespeople on the Citizens Advice Bureau website here.

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Faulty Aerial

A faulty aerial is a common cause of signal problems. This can be the result of weather or because it was installed incorrectly initially. Age can also play a part, and aerials over 10 years old should probably be replaced to ensure that they work properly and are up-to-date on new technology.

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