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Choosing the enclosure for the garden may seem like a simple task, but before we go to the pool, we must take into account a number of basic factors. We talked about it on our blog decoration.

The garden of our house is an area to relax, have fun, outdoor activities, and so on. All these advantages are fogged when we do not have privacy, something that only we can avoid installing some kind of closure for this area. We find different and varied kinds, some of which are more or less appropriate depending on each case. We tell you everything you need to know about these elements.

Choosing the enclosure for the gardenTips for choosing the enclosure for the garden

It is a priority, when choosing an enclosure for the garden, make sure it is made with the right materials and has essential accessories such as mesh enclosure. Otherwise we may face problems such as oxidation, moisture or insect pests. In this regard, it is recommended to consult a specialist before purchasing any part, because he will know what suits us closing depending on the characteristics of our garden.

Probably the most classic method would be to install a brick wall, then hiding with vegetation. However, there are many other simpler and less expensive options, covering a multitude of materials and are equally valid.

We found, for example, traditional metal mesh. It woven wire single twist, it is characterized by small forms of rhombuses. It is one of the most used enclosures, thanks to its low price and it does not require a large maintenance. It does not meet an aesthetic function, which is usually covered with trees and other plants.

Also very popular are the enclosures for garden hurdle. They can be of different kinds, among which we highlight the hurdle plastic. It is very resistant to weather conditions, and has a large number of aesthetic varieties on the market. Moreover, its price is not too high and can hide very easily behind the vegetation.

Another type of enclosure with hurdle is the PVC tube – shaped. It is one of the most resistant to weather elements such as rain, snow or wind. Also, hardly it deteriorates over time and is very easy to clean.

Wicker is another good choice, because it is, like the previous two, highly resistant. One of its great advantages is its discreet and elegant look, which can easily blend with the environment. It is perfect for wet areas and gardens with pool.

We should also mention the closing of bamboo: resistant, economical and very decorative. It offers a look of naturalness and warmth, helping us to get a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to its color, it blends perfectly with the rest of the vegetation, and brings an original touch to the area. In addition, it is flexible and easy to handle.

These are just a few types of closings of many that are available in the market. As mentioned above, it is best that we leave advice from a professional, visit our garden and tell us the material that most benefits us.

Choosing the enclosure for the garden you can run into a wide variety of models as specified in previous lines. What you pay attention when you buy these materials?

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