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When it comes to choosing a care home for a loved one, it is a difficult decision that you will not want to rush. A home is a residence that provides personalized care for those who are vulnerable and need extra help in their everyday lives. Try to visit the different settings and talk to the staff members. You may even be able to spend all day in a home to get a really good feel for the atmosphere. Make a list of everything you want to ask so you do not forget when you are there. Ask if there is a vacancy and if not, how long the waiting list is.

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Level of Care

Make sure that the home provides the right level of care for your loved one now and possibly in future. If their needs change, you will not have to look for another home if you choose one that can provide different levels of care. For Care Homes Solihull, visit a site like Sanders Senior Living, providers of Care Homes Solihull.

Inspection report

You can find the home’s latest inspection report on the Care Quality Commission website or asking to see a copy. This will give you invaluable information on how well it scores in a number of different areas.

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If you, other family members and friends want to regularly visit, is it within easy reach? Are there good facilities nearby such as shops, adequate parking, pubs or whatever you want within easy reach? Check to see whether the establishment has good wheelchair access and inquire about lift access, for example.

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