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Our bedroom should function almost like our temple, our personal space where you relax and unwind. It is for this reason that we must pay special attention to the decoration of this space, as well as bedding. To make a good choice when buying bedding.

Buy bedding for your bedroom5 tips to buy bedding

The material: It  is essential that we choose the best material when going to buy bedding. Some synthetic blend natural and artificial fibers we can offer interesting advantages such as not to leave the machine with an infinite amount of wrinkles. However, cotton and linen are the most comfortable material that will provide us.

How many need?:  Renovarse completely or go slowly making will depend on what we spend and whether they make us more or less missing several games. Theirs is to have at least two games so we can have parts, but also spare a third party with which to combine or support possible losses, tears or stains insurmountable.

Color: It is very important to choose the color of the bedding we buy that will accompany the rest of the room giving a touch ?, Glamorous ethnic?, elegant? This depends on the style you’re looking for your room. One recommendation is that if your bedroom is rather small is best done with bedspreads, duvets and light colors to give rise to a feeling of spaciousness.

It is practical: This will be related to the type of material you choose, but it is assessing tissues that are easily cleaned and which do not involve a complicated facilities.

Exact size: It seems obvious, but sometimes we took error. Let’s see if our mattress has a measure 1.50 meters sheets have to be that size, but the duvet cover we use must be of a size that may fall more to the edges on both sides of the bed.

Where to find quality bedding?

In 10xDiez we find a wide range of options for decorating our bedroom and even bathroom or kitchen. But go to parties and focus on our room first!

We can provide with high quality parts at competitive prices and, how could it be otherwise, we already have some choices made.

The duvet cover London includes two parts, the duvet cover itself and pillowcase and presents a smooth face blank and another emblazoned with the name of the English capital. 

The flannel sheets Blue microfiber Carol are warm in the winter waiting for us and brings a set of three pieces of flannel sheet printed with a classic and attractive style. 

The Nova 470 C3 blanket is a fleece blanket with a very modern character and a velvety finish that we love. In addition, we can find in various sizes and also there in black. One for the bed and one for the couch?

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