Appliances suitable for a small Kitchen or Utility Room

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When the Home that you Love has a relatively small Kitchen or Utility Room you have to think carefully about the appliances that you choose to have installed in there. Integrated Washing Machines for example take up less floor space than free-standing appliances, and if purchased and fitted by an experienced, well-established, Independent, Electrical retailer such as they will continue to function efficiently for many years to come. The excellent Energy efficiency of these A. Rated, Integrated Washing Machines will save you a great deal of money on your Electricity Bills in the future, and as well as washing more economically they will last a great deal longer if maintained properly.

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Think about and plan storage options for your Kitchen or Utility Room, using clever strategies to maximise your work surface area as well as incorporating as many cupboards and cabinets as possible. Purchasing your Integrated appliances from a reputable electrical specialist who can install and maintain them properly makes a huge difference to their efficiency and life-span. To maximise light, pick light colours for your cabinets and work surfaces and choose lighting that will illuminate any dark recesses brightly.

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Clever shelving and the use of stacking units can significantly increase the amount of storage space for smaller kitchen products such as kettles, toasters, air-fryers, blenders, and spice racks.  Arranging saucepans, trays, plates, cups and saucers carefully inside cabinets, as well as food items and cleaning products also helps create extra space in your small Kitchen.

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