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Getting a perfect decoration in our home requires a lot of care. Look at every nook and care of every detail is something that we all do.

How many times have you seen a wire hanging around on the floor? This kind of thing that can spoil a decor that, at first glance, looks good. To avoid this, you can purchase various accessories that hide the happy wires and also provide a touch of color, luxury or ease, depending on the style you choose.

Accessories to hide the wiresEvery day, the market of interior surprises us with new ideas for more modern and perfect decorations. Accessories for hiding cables are that great invention that allows us to ‘hide’ connections television, stereos, computers or lamps, among other objects.

Not only aesthetics is the reason to hide the wires of appliances we have at home, but also security. If you have children or pets. is a danger have outdoors any type of cable carrying electricity. In addition, they risk getting wet with a glass of water or when we clean the area.

If you’re worried about how to hide, no longer need the tapes to the cable cover typicals because the market will find boxes and other items you already know, but also discover new inventions to hide the wires and, incidentally, decorate your home to the most innovative way possible. From figures of animals, through colored geometric objects, to compositions of leaves and flowers that serve to hold and hide those cables that do not want a role that does not belong to them are taken. What do you think the idea that we propose with this picture? You can give a funny touch to stay hiding fixing the cable to the wall and placing a few leaves and a bird on it. Such solutions are ideal when the wire has to go through a wall and can not hide hopelessly otherwise.

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