A Visit to the Pub Doesn’t Have to Involve Alcohol

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Traditionally, a visit to the local pub has generally been seen as a time for indulging in alcoholic drinks. Often a male-dominated environment, it was a place for enjoying a pint and perhaps a game of darts. But things are changing for several reasons, and often these days, a trip to the pub does not involve alcohol at all.

A Visit to the Pub Doesnt Have to Involve Alcohol

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Food Revenue

According to the BBC, pub chain Wetherspoons has over 900 establishments in the UK. The chain relies heavily on food sales to boost its profits, and the food side of the pub business continues to grow. In recent years, pubs have become much less intimidating places and are now often welcoming and family-friendly. It is increasingly common for women to visit pubs – often in the daytime with young children. Stay-at-home parents feel comfortable enjoying lunch or a coffee with their little ones as pubs become more and more child-friendly. Many even provide play areas or activity packs to help keep young children occupied.  Some also feature amazing antique furniture acquired by architectural salvage companies like Period Homes Northern Ireland

What About Soft Drinks?

Many people are now likely to choose a soft drink while at the pub, and there are various reasons for this. A major one is cost: people are less and less willing to pay the price of a beer or glass of wine. Pubs find it very hard to compete with the low alcohol prices offered by supermarkets – often as loss leaders.

Another major consideration is health. Drinkaware advises that men consume no more than 3-4 units of alcohol per day and women just 2-3. Improved awareness of the facts means that lots of people are keen to keep a check on the amount they are drinking.

The trend towards soft drink consumption in pubs, as well as more focus on food sales, means that many establishments have needed to expand or improve their kitchen facilities.
So the message is that pubs are now there for everyone to enjoy, whether they are male or female or young or old. The move towards non-alcoholic drinks can also only be a good thing for both our health and our pockets.

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