7 errors to decorate the kitchen

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The kitchen is the space of the house where we best balance the practical with the aesthetic value. A well – equipped work does not have to forget about style and have a few square meters kitchen does not justify neglecting its design. Today I bring 7 errors where it is very easy to fall but must avoid when furnishing and decorating this important space:

1) Kilometers between cabinets and ceiling

The storage is one of the features that characterizes a kitchen, because it should fit from food and all the tools and machinery they need to sections of recycling and cleaning products. Especially if our kitchen is not too wide, we have to play with the verticality: cabinets up to the ceiling given space and also prevent dirt accumulation on the upper surfaces. If access to the upper doors is a problem with easy solution: a chair-ladder. In any case, you can spend these spaces farthest reach to store those objects that you use less frequently or food stocks and supplies spare parts, trying to make it not too heavy to handle elements (paper, cleaners, etc.).

7 errors to decorate the kitchen2) Falling into boredom

Add a creative and fun element can create a focal point principal in such “technical” room like the kitchen and completely change the atmosphere. A clock original wall, color painted furniture or a fridge design can make the kitchen is our favorite stay, perfect for more intimate visits without going to the salon.

3) Abusing stainless steel

The gloss or matte finishes steel provide much sobriety to surfaces and appliances, but overloading the kitchen with its texture everywhere can get to eating space, to feel close to something that is not. I recommend using it in balance with other flat materials because with the contrast of tones you can get a very interesting style.

4) Any furniture sufficient

Furniture, cabinets and kitchen drawers represent most of the space. Invest heavily in appliances and accessories, yet aside the choice of furniture is a mistake. A bad decision can result in a bad, or quality furniture design- bad the environment is fully charged.

5) Space asphyxiated

Having a window is the best way to combat the two main conditions for every kitchen breathes: ventilation and lighting. If you cannot count either naturally, it is important to condition the space with some accessories like hoods, vents and lights additional on the counter. Do not forget that the colors and textures always help enhance feelings, so the choice of soil and tones on walls, furniture and decoration can perfectly complement a lack of light or amplitude.

6) The eclectic to end

Very careful mix of styles. Space kitsch is always risky, but it can be great in rooms such as the living room or bedroom. The kitchen is another story and, despite offering many possibilities, it is not convenient to spend with decor forget the frantic activity to which this room is submitted. You have to think pragmatically, respecting above all the workspace and especially avoid…

7) The horror vacuity cook

Saturate strictly forbidden, or walls or surfaces. It is important knowing how to use and adapt the space available. Not all houses can have a large kitchen, but not great is synonymous with perfect as a medium or small kitchen distributed with taste may be more than enough and even work better than one that we are getting too big for our needs. Anyway, two keys are essential: no place in view more than necessary (the rest, lockers) and minimize obstacles. There is even talk of the theory of work triangle (fridge-stove-sink) and fatal error that is obstructing the passage on it.

And here the 7 most common mistakes when decorating a kitchen, I hope you’re not committed any of them in yours.


Written by suNCh8

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