5 ways to recycle Christmas decorations

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And finally he finished Christmas! Sadness for some, relief for others, return to routine, start (seriously) of New Year’s resolutions after this bubble of family, food, decor … Wow! Now what do we do with all these ornaments Christmas? And with kilometers of wrapping paper and do not involve anything? What shall we do with these glass recycling bins and cardboard to burst? Well today I bring you five ways to give a second chance to all these elements likely would throw away or would keep until next year to remain part of the decor of our home beyond the holiday season year.

5 ways to recycle Christmas decorationsChristmas Trees and plants

This week it found sad containers packed with natural fir trees and ended his brief decorative function a few weeks. Many people choose to move the tree outside and add it to his gardener collection, but clearly not all have such a large terrace. If we cannot keep the whole tree, we can always reuse it in small doses. Cut some twigs and form with them, and adding other elements such as fruit or small stones, a nice centerpiece is the best idea and if we cover resin paint color or get an original and very lasting effect. We can also form branches give a green dot to the kitchen or bathroom, and the good thing is that all the leftover tree can get natural compost to fertilize our plants. Same with the classic poinsettias, although they can also keep them as a decorative pot and we last much of the year.

Gift Wrap

Are ye of gifts that you open forward, tearing, splitting the role? I am of withdrawing it very carefully, trying not to crumple or prevent splitting through the areas in which it is folded and glued, especially if the wrapper has a nice color or an interesting pattern. Why? Because there are many ways to reuse, so that in addition to giving a new use before throwing it away, we are converting a gift in memory of that part of the decor of our home. With paper used gift can be papered drawers, closet or funds shelves; It can be used to line boxes, trays or notebooks; It can be used as decorative highlight for seconds gifts, like a loop or pompom; it can be made with origami crafts or garlands for a party; and can even be framed if you like.

Christmas balls

The decoration of these dates has a special predilection for spheres, especially as a complement of the tree. The short life of these is because they usually have reasons too specific as reindeer, stars, figures of Santa Claus … but that does not mean that, with a little hand, we can transform them into balls that decorate our space throughout the year and even when the time comes, become part of the Christmas decorations next year. To customize our balls can line them with fabric or patterned paper, cover it with wool, add links, bathe her in glitter, paint colors and draw new grounds by hand, add a number to a transparent bowl … There are a thousand ways to give a second life and They depend on the imagination you dig it.

Bottles and corks

We have spent the last days eating and drinking just relentlessly. Have you saved dozens of bottles of wine, champagne, cider … and have not seen them down when the recycling bin? There are also techniques to rescue them and add them to our furniture. The transparent bottles can be filled with tinted liquid chalk striped colors, tinsel, fabrics, marbles. The green bottles darker can be reused as a lamp, filled with sand as a doorstop, as a vase or candle holder. Meanwhile, the reuse of corks offers options endless.

Christmas lights

The Christmas lights are one of the main elements, both hotbeds like the tree or nativity scene and the rest of the house, inside and out. Now what do us do with those eternal strips of small white lights or bright colors? Use as it can out have tune, but taking a few small touches can reinvent. For example, we can put the string of white lights inside a green bottle that we mentioned before and get a beautiful effect for an intimate corner. Another option that provides great results is to cover small bulbs with some element as a sphere of color or an ornament made with paper -at most of them being led lights no danger of heating- for making original garlands of light and color to wear any room or, for example, give ambient light to hallways or foyers. Place these lanterns on the balcony or terrace also it gives you a huge space personality.

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