Why someone has challenging behaviour


It is by far the most difficult situation to deal with for any carer or support worker. It’s even worse for a family member suddenly faced with a physically and verbally aggressive person or relation. Help is at hand in the form of training and an increased understanding of how to treat somebody who has challenging behaviour. For the care professionals there is always the option to go on a Challenging behaviour training course  like that provided by a supplier such as Tidal Training. This will give you an overall understanding of what needs to be done to better manage someone’s challenging behaviour and to help support them through any episodes that they have.

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For someone with challenging behaviour the world is an even more difficult place to understand and comprehend than for someone who has no learning disabilities.  Challenging behaviour is usually linked to people with autism or to neurological disorders or social disabilities.  The frustration and anger that this produces in somebody with challenging behaviours is completely understandable.  This behaviour is not intentional; it is a direct result of what has happened to them and what they are experiencing.

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Using empathy we can see that if you were in a position whereby you were unable to communicate your thoughts, wants and desires to  the immediate people around you, eventually the frustration and  annoyance of this  would probably spill into  aggression of some kind.  Therefore patience and understanding plus the points from the course will help.

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