What you can do if you only have 30 minutes to train


In these days when we rush everywhere and it seems that we do not have time for anything, taking a moment to train can be a task of heroes. Many times we even choose not to go to the gym because “hey, I only have 30 minutes and I’m not going to give myself time to do anything”. Why not? 30 minutes of training give for a lot and we will show.

For those who do not have the time, for those who can only get out early in the morning before going to work, for those who train at meal time (and have to take time to shower and Arriving presentable to the office again), for which the children leave them no more free time than that half an hour. For you, we leave you a few training options in 30 minutes. Without excuses!

What you can do if you only have 30 minutes to trainIf you train in the gym

Many times it happens that we go to the gym with the right time : between we arrived, we changed clothes, we showered and we re-arrange in the end we have a few minutes to train. But this should not be an excuse to put it aside: in half an hour you can set up a good routine that allows you to work all the big muscle groups.

The “trick” is to opt for basic and multi-articular exercises that allow us to work several muscle groups at a time. We will begin with a warm-up of a few minutes on the tape or on the elliptical to raise the pulsations, followed by the mobilization of joints such as ankles, knees, hip and shoulders. We are ready to begin.

A good full-body routine in the gym can begin with a series of front squats with shoulder press to work the lower train and at the same time the upper area of our body and core. The dominated ones (or, in case of not being able to do them, oars with free weight) should also be part of our routine. We can include a burpees with bending for the chest, which will also keep our pulsations well up, and finish, if we want with some woodcutters to work the abdomen (although it has remained activated during the execution of all previous exercises).

When you finish, do not forget to take five minutes to stretch , both to return to calm and to improve our recovery.

If you go running

If you’re passionate about running, but you do not have much time to devote to your day-to-day life, do not worry: quality workouts can be completed in half an hour, and you can reserve the weekend, when you probably have more free time, to make the Long.

The key is to combine different types of training. Let’s say that you are going to go running three days a week for half an hour and that you will spend one more day the weekend for the long run. In those 30 minutes that you dedicate to the training you can do series, slopes or a shorter training than usual at a faster rate.

  • A series in pyramid (200 meters – 400 meters – 800 meters – 10000 meters – 800 meters – 400 meters – 200 meters) with a rest of approximately two minutes between them are a very demanding training that does not have to occupy more than half an hour .
  • The long series on the slope (two minutes at the top of a slope and two minutes of rest to lower it, repeated five or six times) will put your train down to pitch and are very fast to complete.
  • A shorter run, 20 or 25 minutes, at a pace that is faster than our running pace , is also a demanding type of training that we can do in a short time.

Again, always remember to warm up for at least five minutes and devote as many calms and simple stretches.

If you train at home

Every day more people choose to train at home with their own body weight , either to complement other sports like running or as a way to take care, get in shape and say goodbye to stress.

When it comes to training in our own home we do not need to have any specific material , although obviously it can help us to vary the exercises if we have it. But we can also train with the furniture we have at home, such as a chair (no wheels!) Or a low table.

A good way to train at home is through a circuit that we can repeat several times : we perform all the exercises in a row, with 30 seconds rest between them, and once we finish we will proceed to repeat it a few more times.

We can start with a series of jumping jacks to get into the heat and start to raise our body temperature. After this, we will go on to perform more specific exercises such as strides on the site for our lower train, chest push-ups that allow us to work the upper train, a rowing for the back placing us under a chair and grabbing the seat, triceps pushups for the arms and a series of horizontal plank or 30 seconds.

Remember that even though we train at home it is still necessary to mobilize our joints before starting and stretching correctly when finished.

Other options for training at home can be a mini-session of Yoga or Pilates, a stretching session using foam roller or some training session Tabata (to perform in Alternating days, always letting our body rest).

Performing 30 minutes of daily physical exercise is very beneficial for our body: when it comes to staying in shape it is not necessary to spend hours and hours in the gym, but to make the most of the time we have available and create this habit of exercise.

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