What overeating will cause in your body


It is clear that is a time of excess, either of calories, fat or sugar, or alcohol or other aspects not only of diet but related to lifestyle. And although we know that an extra calorie can be the cause of weight gain, a recently published review details what eating in excess causes in our body.

Excess of hydrates and fats = more fat and body weight

The research published in the International Journal of Exercise Science analyzed 25 trials in which overfeeding or excess calories were evaluated over time.

The results show that when the Western diet, where the main sources of energy are fats and hydrates increases in quantity causing an excess of calories, this overfeeding causes an increase in weight and body fat , as approximately 60% of the weight gained represents mass grease.

Excess protein: less weight gain and more lean mass

The good news is that not always excess calories cause weight gain and body fat , but only if there is a predominance of fats and carbohydrates. The trials included in the review in which proteins predominated, far from harming the body composition benefited it by causing an increase in fat-free mass and a much lower weight gain than those who consumed mostly carbohydrates and fats.

The proteins , which have great power to satiate the body and can be helpful for weight loss , appear to have a protective effect against weight gain and body fat in periods of excess, therefore, if we spend eating, we try that our food is not only hydrates and fats but rather, proteins together with water and fiber that can be derived from various vegetables and fruits.

To take into account

Besides knowing that exceeding protein calories can be more beneficial than spending calories from fats and carbohydrates, it is important to know that weight gain is only caused when there is more than 40% excess calories and above all, more of 60% .

That is, we must consume half of our extra daily calories on each Christmas day to gain weight, something that can easily happen given the high energy concentration of typical foods this season .

In addition, the review showed that those who exercised had lower impact on fat and body weight (even less if predominant protein intake), therefore, recommend more than ever at this time move regularly to avoid the consequences of overeating in our body .

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