What Occupational Health and Safety is All About?


If you work in an office building that has several floors, then you know about the hazards of ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays from the office buildings’ windows and the dangers of working with the windows for long periods of time. Many cases of workers suffering from certain diseases were found to be caused by UV radiation. The Occupational Health and Safety Act cover all UK employees to receive the appropriate care and protection when exposed to danger in their workplace. For instance, you would need to inform your employer about the hazards of overexposure to UV rays as well as other dangers.

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Examples of occupational hazards in many lines of employment include being outside for long periods of time, especially on hot days, which could lead to sunburn. In many cases, especially where the worker has to go into the outdoor environment, he might not have his/her umbrella with him. He/she may fall perhaps while coming up with the required information or trying to shield themselves from the cold. This can result in a severe burn and the worker might be required to go to hospital. When long outdoor pursuits are unavoidable, workers are highly at risk of dehydration, sunburn, overheating and ultraviolet radiation exposure. It is extremely important that these workers use protective clothing such as sun hats and sunglasses.

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Other occupational hazards in the UK include chemicals, photocopiers, fax machines and mobile phones. These might result in eye and skin irritation, chemical burns, cuts or ulcers. Some workers might also suffer from lung disease, such as emphysema, as they spend more time in polluted atmosphere than others. They might also suffer from blood pressure problems. Such dangers make it mandatory for all UK employers to provide their employees with adequate health and safety provisions. Occupational Health Wales companies such as Insight Occupational Health can help you identify these key areas and others where you want to support your employees wellbeing.

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