What does isodieta consist of and what are its effects on our body


Surely you’ve heard of the Isodieta, a very fashionable and relatively new diet that among other things promises to revitalize the cells, regenerate them and as if that were not enough, produce a large weight loss that moves us away from obesity. We tell you what Isodieta consists of and what its effects are on our body.

What is the Isodieta?

The Isodieta or isolipoproteic diet is promoted as an “anti-obesity” revolution since 2008 when its author Dr. Brugos published the book that bears the name of the diet in question.

The diet itself considers that there has been a “scientific error” to consider hydrates one more nutrient and therefore reduces them considerably in the daily diet by proposing that in each meal there are equal amounts of proteins and fats : hence the word isolipoproteica or isodieta.

Thus, it is declared as a form of nutrition based on the nutrition and revitalization of body cells, and it is pointed out that Isodieta “is not a miracle diet” nor a “slimming method” but that weight loss is the side effect of good nutrition achieved based on fats and proteins .

For us to understand a little better, the Isodieta reduces almost completely the hydrates producing in our body a ketosis , hence it produces a considerable weight loss and enhances fats and proteins but eliminates even fruits and vegetables that have so many benefits to offer .

It is a more ketogenic diet , with attractive names and tempting messages that capture the attention of many people every day, which among other things not only access an Isodieta plan but also protein shakes and other preparations that “help” the achievement of this diet.

The effects of Isodieta on our body

Although Isodieta, like other ketogenic proposals, reduces the sensation of hunger notably by producing satiety due to its high protein content and therefore, it favors a great weight loss as well as allowing improvements in the general metabolic profile , it is not free of side effects .

Ketosis that the elimination of hydrates can produce among other things dizziness, lack of concentration, nausea, bad breath, and constipation . Also, it is not a normal state of the body in which you can stay for a long time, therefore, although the Isodieta is promoted for life, it is not a real option nor compatible with the current way of eating .

On the other hand, hides a big business not only through the sale of books but also food plans that exceed 200 euros and different protein products to carry out the diet in question, something that is typical of miracle diets although Deny this characterization from the beginning.

Finally, we can not stop saying that they make the mistake of demonizing all the hydrates when we know that fresh fruit and vegetables are not equal to free sugars , therefore, Isodieta is left without the damages of refined flours and sugars but also , without the great variety of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber that can offer many foods of vegetable origin to our diet.

It is a more fashionable diet, without scientific support and in many words hides a ketogenic diet such as Atkins, Dukan or others.

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