What Do Your Teeth Say about You?


If eyes are the window to the soul then teeth are an indicator of many other facets of our lives. Your dental health and the appearance of your teeth may be an indicator of your health in general, but does it say anything else about you?

What Do Your Teeth Say about You

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Dental Health Indicators

Teeth that have a build-up of plaque or have begun to rot, have clearly not been well looked after, this much we know. But poor dental health is also a sign of a poor diet. A diet high in refined sugars will almost always have a knock-on effect on dental health, and therefore rotting teeth may also indicate an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and other related illnesses.

Investing in Healthy Teeth

A good set of teeth not only indicates a healthy diet, it also indicates a healthy mind. Those who take care in their appearance by maintaining healthy hair, nails and teeth, by staying trim and dressing well, send out an important message to others. The message is that they are happy, confident and take good care of themselves.

If your teeth have suffered from discolouration over the years however, even good dental hygiene can’t always eradicate the yellowing. The answer to this is normally whitening and the NHS advise that you should only go to regulated industry professionals like UK Smile and others.

Straight Teeth and First Impressions

Straight teeth aren’t something we can control with our diets and dental health. In fact being born with straight teeth is simply a lottery and wonky teeth are not a sign of poor health or poor self-care. However, a recent study has suggested that those with straight teeth are perceived by others as more successful and more wealthy.

Luckily for those who didn’t have braces as a teenager, it’s never too late to make the necessary changes to give you a perfect set of teeth, whatever they may be. A growing number of adults are even going to groups like http://www.uksmile.com/ to have their teeth straightened or whitened.

As you can see, our teeth say a lot about us, whether it’s a true reflection of our general health or a perceived impression of our wealth, happiness or success. Investing in a good set of teeth can have lasting benefits both psychological and physical.

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