What could be causing your back pain


For certain individuals, putting up with twinges or aches in our backs just seems to be part of everyday life. Back pain is a very normal occurrence. According to Bupa, about one in three of us get it every year with the lower back being the most affected area.

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While many people resort to over-the-counter painkillers for when the pain feels unmanageable. Instead, a trip to the chiropractor could be the answer. This Chiropractor Dublin based business for example https://www.chiropractix.ie/ can help with a variety of back issues.

Some of the most Popular concerns around back issues are

1. The Generation that you come from affects it.

What causes your back pain also depends on your age, and the pain continues to get more intense as individuals grow older.

A young person will usually have joint pain from when they will have pulled a muscle. While an elderly individual would be more likely to have a degenerated disc in their mid-50s or early 60s. Eventually, later in life, when there’s no more suspension in the back, it transforms into bone pain.

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2. Discs and not muscles

The popular view is that it’s muscular. This is  pretty unusual. In truth, the pain is usually related to all muscles, unless they’re a young person. It will typically be a mixture of material, joints and muscles, and discs, most often.

3. An Illness or trauma that affects the discs.

Is very likely that their mid-20s to 50s will have one episode in their lives where they’re going to injure themselves, like skiing or football. They’ll start to break discs once after that episode.

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