What Causes Elderly People to Fall?


Falls are one of the biggest dangers to the health of the elderly. Whatever the cause, a fall can be difficult to recover from, both physically and mentally. This is why it is so important to ensure their homes are set up for success and hazards are removed.

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A simple gait assessment involves observing the way an elderly person walks, as well as testing their balance. A doctor may recommend a walking aid or alternatively reduce the use of certain medications. Another fall-related cause may be pain in the back and joints. Vitamin D deficiency may be another contributing factor to falling in the elderly. Low levels of vitamin D are thought to contribute to fragile bones. The doctor may recommend that you get your elderly loved one a vitamin D supplement to reduce the chances of falling.

Most falls can be attributed to a loose rug, obstacle or slippery surface. Bathrooms in particular require special consideration to prevent falls. To view a range of Bathing Aids, go to https://www.abilitysuperstore.com/collections/bathing-aids

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A doctor may suggest a thorough examination to rule out other medical causes. For example, if the fall was caused by a physical condition not an environmental hazard, tests may be necessary. A patient may need electrocardiography, or ECG, to monitor their heart rate and detect any problems that could cause them to fall. Other tests such as a blood test may be necessary if the fall is caused by low blood pressure or inadequate nutrition.


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