What are the myths of bodybuilding?


The vast world of bodybuilding, too often, altered circulating rumors and incorrect, put about both by those who practice this discipline, both by those who have never had to do and speak only for bias. Let’s call them pure myths, false beliefs that over time they have done nothing but damage the vast panorama of fitness “professional”. 

Bodybuilding, literally, is nothing but the “body building“, a sport suitable not only for lovers of fitness, who want a toned body at full power but for all who practice sport continuous. That legislation, in fact, allows filling the muscular imbalances generated by sports played at a competitive level. Let’s see what the nonsense that most are funny is the bodybuilding experts…

What are the myths of bodybuilding

  1. NO TO DO IT NOW –First, we stress the importance of not relying on hearsay (food and otherwise) published in magazines that promise for years biceps in a week, in two marble chest, perfect abs in a few days. We do not live in the world of “all at once“, and the best results are seen with time, practicing constantly and by building a lifestyle healthy and adequate.
  2. THE “FALSE” TABLES –It is good practice not to listen to the pre-set tables and too generalist, which recommend an average of 5.4 training sessions per week. Unless you belong to that 9% of people muscularly with the grace of Mother Nature, it will tend to get too stressed the physical, not increasing properly the lean mass.
  3. RIGHT BALANCE –The aerobic work should be alternated to exercise. The stretching, for example (and, why not, even yoga) helps increase the strength and muscle tone, avoiding the contractions.
  4. MUSCLES AND BEAUTIFUL SEASON –One of the most common myths about the fact that many believe it is not possible to bulk up with the heat in summer. An issue far wrong, otherwise it would explain why the Finns are not all “Mister Olympia”…
  5. TRAINING AD HOC –For best results, men and women are alike need to sweat, rest, proper nutrition and a healthy dose of patience. You must put in a drawer and lock the performance anxiety and the need to get physical sculptures for others, forgetting yourselves. Work out in a balanced way, take healthy food to your muscles, rest enough, you work the aerobic system, and ask your instructor to trust what the best way to make effective your athletic performance. Only in this way you are able to achieve the desired results…
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