Walking after eating, can it really help your health?


There is a popular saying that reads as follows: “the food rested and dinner strolled” . Truly for many people this is a maxim that they follow strictly. We want to go a little further and for that we will do a review for what it means for us to do sport after eating.

When we talk about sports after eating we are never referring to high intensity sessions , but the most recommended is some moderate activity. Walking or going out for a walk is the best thing to do. We must not forget that when eating much of the blood circulation is concentrated in the digestive system, so we can not greatly increase the blood requirement of the body muscles, because if this happens we run the risk of not doing correctly The digestive process.

Walking after eating, can it really help your healthWith a walk of a half hour is enough

Once this is known, and knowing the limitations we have when it comes to playing sports, we should ideally know the benefits of doing some activity after filling the belly. Simply what we invite you is to carry out a simple walk of about thirty minutes that will relax us and that will also help us a lot in a series of aspects like, above all, perform much better digestion.

Improve the digestive process

One of the main benefits that will bring us walking after eating is to improve the digestive process . If we already said that intense exercise could interfere with the digestive process, in the case of moderate activity the effect will be the opposite, since we will accelerate the metabolism, so that we achieve a faster and more efficient digestion. To this we must add that with this activity we will burn some calories that are left over, making us optimize to the maximum what we will get through digestion.

Maintain low glucose levels

A walk after eating is very good to keep your blood glucose levels at bay . After meals, during digestion, these levels usually increase a lot. If we are quiet this increase can lead in the long run to weight gain, blood triglyceride levels, cholesterol … Walking after eating will help us to greatly decrease blood glucose levels and keep them tight.

A complement to everyday sports activity

Walking after eating is all a help to make us perform much more sport activitythan we do on a regular basis. Avoiding resting after each meal and launching ourselves for walking will activate the circulation and with it the greater and better use of nutrients. In addition, in this way we will be able to reduce the levels of triglycerides in blood, because the activity makes the state of the circulation in general much better. In addition, we must not forget that we will increase the calorie burn in a simple way.

After dinner it is advisable to walk

Not to forget, that walking after eating at night is one of the best actions we can do. Especially because at that time of day our metabolism is much slower and we need to activate it. The best way to cope with dinners is with low-calorie, low- glucose foods. If we add a little walk after dinner we will get better results from what we have told in this post.

For all these reasons, doing some activity after eating is a good health aid. It is necessary that we are aware that the exercise that we carry out must be of low intensity so as not to hinder digestion. In spite of everything, it is important to count on the execution of some activity such as walking, dancing, putting something inside the house … The case is to avoid sitting and adjusting.

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