Understanding Occupational Health and Safety


Occupational health and safety is an interdisciplinary field concerned primarily with the promotion of health and well-being of workers in all occupations. The concept behind occupational health and safety has been in existence for many years and is gaining more significance today because of the increasing numbers of accidents in the workplace. Most employees in all occupations are exposed to various risks on a daily basis, which may include hazardous materials, toxic substances, radiation, noise, pesticides, blood and body fluids, and many other substances and chemicals. As a result of these, numerous workers may suffer from a variety of disorders, diseases, and ailments. These may range from minor skin irritations and allergies to serious life-threatening risks such as cancers, heart attacks, strokes, and other serious medical conditions.

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A number of workers have suffered from an injury at work because of faulty or unsafe equipment. For example, in automobile manufacturing, a car could unexpectedly fall off the loading dock or explode in a worker’s face as a result of faulty components or lack of proper safety mechanisms. Another common source of accidents at work is heavy equipment or machinery that is not properly maintained. It can cause serious harm to workers, if not used properly. An Occupational Health Wales company such as Insight Occupational Health will be able to help you identify any areas within your business that could be a risk to employees and then put appropriate measures in place to help deal with these.

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The objective of occupational health and safety is to promote healthy living conditions for all workers by preventing diseases, injuries, and ailments that might result from exposure to hazards, ensuring the protection of the worker’s health and welfare, and preventing occupational morbidity. The main objectives of occupational health and safety programs are to provide a hazard analysis to the employees, training in safety principles and practices, and regular checks for signs of health and welfare problems.

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