Training to gain muscle outside the gym: How to train in the park


The heat invites us to go out to the street to practice sports, and that is a good way to get in touch with nature while we exercise. On this occasion to continue gaining muscle mass in the open air we will focus on the parks, specifically in the training of muscle building that we can carry out in a park.

In the parks we can find benches, trees, ponds … But there are also stations ready to train and exercise. Most of them are provided with a series of trunks arranged in such a way that they will allow us to perform different exercises in the open air as if it were a gymnasium. Parallel bars, dominated bars, abdominal benches … All this is usually what we find in a park and that is what we are going to stop to be able to exercise in this environment that will help us to evade.

Training to gain muscle outside the gym How to train in the parkThe use of our own weight or extra weight through ballasts

In most of these devices prepared for muscle training, we usually work with our own weight. To achieve the best results, we recommend the correct execution of the exercises. Performing each movement in a slow and concentrated way is one of the best ways to affect the muscles we want to work more efficiently. That is why it is very good that we know perfectly the development of each exercise and the part that will be worked on, in order to train much better.

We can also resort to other alternatives such as the use of ballasts. In this case we can use weight bags attached to the waist. We can find them in sports stores or manufacture one simply with a bag full of sand from the park and subject to the waist for exercises such as dorsal dominated or chest in parallel and triceps bottoms. We can also use ankle weights for leg exercises, because this way we will increase the weight and with it the intensity of the exercise.

Routine type to train in the park

We are going to highlight a simple general routine to work in an outdoor park.

  • Lateral set of legs on bench : We will make it on top of a bench in the park as a step. With this exercise we will work the legs in general. What we will do is place ourselves laterally next to the bank. We will raise on the bench the leg that is closest to the bank raising our whole body on the bench. Once up the leg we had resting on the bench we will put it on the floor on the other side and so on. The idea is to perform a series of 15 repetitions on each side in order to work all the muscles of the legs in addition to the coordination.
  • Front elevations of legs on a bench : For this exercise we are going to face the bench with legs together. First we will raise a leg that we will place on the bench. With this leg we will elevate the whole body, and once we are up, with the leg that is free we will kick back, so that we contract all the muscles in this movement. Then we will go back down, and the leg that remains free we will take it back until we support it on the ground and we will repeat this sequence again. The ideal is to make 4 series of 15 to 20 repetitions each.
  • Jumps on the bench : It is also an exercise to work the legs. In this case we will face the bench with legs together. Keeping the legs together what we do will be propelled by bending a little to jump up on the bench with both legs at once without separating them. Once we are on the bench we will stretch and from a saint back we will return to the ground again. For this exercise we recommend 4 series of about 15 to 20 repetitions
  • Press pectoral : With this exercise we will work all the pectoral part. For this we will rely on a bench or on any of the logs arranged in the park’s muscle-building area. What we will do is to support the feet by the ends on the ground. With the whole body straight we will place the open hands at the height of the chest on the bench or the wood and we will make elevations of the body through the action of the pectoral muscles. We recommend you to make 4 series of about 12 to 15 repetitions each.
  • Triceps Press : With this exercise we will directly affect the triceps and secondarily on the pectoral and the deltoids. For this we will start from the position described in the previous exercise, only that this time the hands will be placed closer to the trunk, almost hitting the chest with the arms in it. The mechanics will be the same, raise the trunk by the action of the arms, in this case the triceps. We will perform 4 series of between 12 to 15 repetitions.
  • Dominated dorsal : With this exercise we will be exercising the dorsal muscles, all those that make up the shoulder and indirectly the biceps. To do this we will use the bar for pull-ups that we will find in the park’s muscle-building area. The mechanics will be the same as in the gym. We will hang from the bar held by the hands that we will place separately or together, depending on the area that we want to work. In this way, what we will do is raise our body through the action of the dorsal. If we separate the hands we will work more with the external part, and if we put them together, we will work with the internal part. In this case we recommend 4 sets of about 10 repetitions each. Otherwise, we will arrive at the failure.
  • Dominated biceps : We will work on the internal dorsal and biceps. For this we will perform dominated, as those described above, only that in this case the grip will be made together and with the hands upside down, that is, with the palms facing us. The distance between the arms will be small and the legs must be forward. We will do 4 sets of about 10 repetitions.
  • Flexions in parallel : For this we will use the parallels that we will find in the park. With this exercise we will work the lower part of the pectoral and the triceps. We will place each hand in each of the parallel and leave the body hanging. The only point of support will be the hands. The movement to follow will be to lower to the maximum bending the elbows and keeping the arms immobile. Then we will raise the body by the action of the triceps and pectorals. We recommend making 4 series of about 12 to 15 repetitions.

It is very important to keep in mind that you can do more exercises than these that we propose, that it is simply a basic routine to know what to do if we are going to train the park. That is why we encourage you to enrich it among all of us with other types of exercises that we know and that may be of interest to us.

Some tips to train in full sun

Do not forget that when training in the open air we must protect ourselves from the sun. For this we recommend a perfect hydration, and if it can be through isotonic drinks better than better to get the minerals that we lose through sweat. The skin will be protected by the use of protective creams. The same will do with the head, the use of hats or a handkerchief will avoid overexposing the head to the effect of the sun.

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