Train with music to run more kilometers: recommended by science


We are many who can not go out to train without music , especially if it is an outdoor training: I remember that last year, while training for the marathon , I could go out without a heart rate monitor because I had forgotten to load it, but not There was a day that he went out to train without helmets .

Besides being a good element of motivation, according to the latest study presented at the meeting of the American College of Cardiology , which this year is being held in Orlando, music could also increase the distances traveled in our training . Listen to music to run a little more, recommended by science.

The study in question was carried out by scientists from Tech University of Texas: a group of adults with a similar clinical history was taken and they were encouraged to run on treadmills to complete the Bruce test . This is a test in which, every three minutes of the race, both the speed and the inclination of the tape are increased in a controlled manner.

The participants in the study who listened to music during the test held an average of 55 seconds longer passing the Bruce test , and it is a pretty hard test. The study specifies that “animated Latin-type music” (most of the participants were Latino) was used to perform the test.

On other occasions we have already talked about how music can help us to carry a certain rhythm of the race, for example, collaborating when it comes to maintaining those ideals 180 steps per minute that make up the perfect rhythm for running ( here we leave a playlist that you help to get it ).

Using music in our workouts can be a good way to motivate us and, now we know it, to add a few more meters to our longer runs.

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