Three components of food that can increase your appetite and push you to eat more


Stress, bad night rest, an accelerated intake of food and other factors can promote excessive consumption, but today we show you three components of the food that can increase your appetite and push you to eat more as well.

If you want to avoid weight gain or lose weight, you need to know the following factors that can make you eat more :


The consumption of alcohol not only inhibits the use of fats as an energy source and contributes considerable calories to the body, but also stimulates hormones that open the appetite and reduces the production of those that give satiety as demonstrated in a study published in the journal Nutrition hospital .

This means that when we drink alcohol not only are we likely to enter more calories into the body because of the alcohol itself, but we can also eat moreat that time because the ethanol increases the appetite.

One more reason to reduce the intake of alcohol to the maximum if we seek to lose weight or not gain weight.

Monosodium glutamate

The MSG is an additive used in processed foods often identified as E 621 and has been associated with increased palatability of food and also attributed an increased appetite of up to 40% .

This and other glutamates are found in concentrated soups and broths, cold meats, sausages, commercial snacks, sauces and dressings and other industrial foods as well as in ready-to-eat meals or fast food.

We can look at the list of ingredients of each food we consume and discard those with the greatest contribution of glutamates, since in addition, EFSA has recentlyrecommended limiting its intake to prevent this and other adverse effects on the human body.

Excess fats

Not all fats are the same and consumed in adequate amounts can have benefitsinstead of harming health. However, an excess of fat in foods that we consume regularly can stimulate our appetite and increase the level of hunger as demonstrated by a study in animals .

Apparently, foods filled with fats such as fried foods, fast food, sausages or others, especially if they do not have satiating nutrients in their composition, favor the production of ghrelin, the main hormone that stimulates hunger and appetite in our body as indicated by an investigation published in 2008 .

Therefore, one more reason to reduce processed and ultra processed foods , fast food and other preparations with excess fat, low fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals is to keep our hormonal system in conditions to not experience more hunger and consequently, eat more.

These are three components of your food that may be stimulating your appetite and pushing you to eat more without you noticing. Therefore, if you do not want to get fat or you want to lose weight, better avoid their presence in your daily diet.

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