Three Common Foot Problems


Our feet help us to move around and stay balanced, but there are lots of problems that can affect the feet. If you have a problem with your feet, it can restrict your activities, and be painful or uncomfortable.

Going to a professional like this podiatrist Gloucester based company is always advisable if you have problems with your feet. Here are three common foot complaints…

Bunions – A bunion is a bony lump that forms on the side of the foot, next to the big toe. Certain feet are more prone to bunions, but footwear that doesn’t fit properly can worsen the problem by squeezing the foot. In fact, bunions are more commonly seen in women as they are more likely to wear footwear that leads to them developing, like high heeled shoes.

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Blisters – A blister on the foot can be very painful and it is caused by friction. Something that has been rubbing against the skin in that area then causes a blister to form. Ill fitting, or new shoes are the main cause of blisters on the foot. If you have a blister, the best thing to do is to cover it with a blister plaster to protect it, and to leave it alone. Try not to burst it as the skin covering the fluid is preventing infection.

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Chilblains – If you have itchy reddish purple swollen areas on the skin of the foot, they are probably chilblains. When they swell, they could then dry out and lead to infection. They are caused by the skin reacting to cold temperatures, and if you have poor circulation you are at greater risk of developing chilblains,

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