There are other alternatives to multipower, we can train with other devices


In almost all the training rooms in which we have been and those we attend daily we find a present device. This is Multipower, a machine that has many possibilities and for certain exercises is the best we can choose. It is true that is a good ally, but in this post we want to highlight the excess that exists in the use of multipower to perform any type of training to the detriment of other alternatives to exercise our muscles.

There are other alternatives to multipower, we can train with other devicesFirst of all, we must say that exercising our body in multipower is not a bad thing, but it is necessary to keep in mind that it has many more limitations in many cases than to do it with other techniques to lift the weight. For this reason we are going to make an enumeration of what we are losing when appealing solely to multipower when it comes to lifting loads in the gym and not opting to work pulleys for example, free weights …

Training in multipower has many benefits, but it is not the only alternative

Before highlighting the benefits of other training modes we will highlight those of multipower. First of all, it is a good way to ensure the correct movement. Throughout the course the bar is attached to some rails that prevent us from twisting the trajectory. This is very good for beginners or people who do not yet fully control their movements or techniques. But it is not the best way to work, since we will always touch the same muscle areas and the movement will be very tight and closed. In many cases unnatural and unproductive.

Free weight, freedom and other training perspective

If we use other techniques when it comes to training, such as free weight, we will get other results. To begin with, we will force other muscles considered as stabilizers to work, which are the ones that will help us to maintain the trajectory and the journey along with those first involved in the exercise. To this must be added the greater freedom of movement, which allows us to adjust more to our way of moving the joints, avoiding forced postures.

When using free weight, we can choose to raise it ** with both hands at the same time or with individual dumbbells ** that allow us to lift each pole with one hand. This second option is even more beneficial and productive when working intensively than multipower. The reasons why this is so are that this way shit side will raise the same charge and receive the same intensity, avoiding inequalities. In multipower we always have more strength on one side than on the other side of the body, so it will be the one that holds the baton and who receives more tension.

Pulleys, another alternative we can not ignore

In the case of working with pulleys, a little the same as with free weight. What we will achieve will be to influence much more in each part of the body, besides allowing that the movements are also much more natural and adapted to our way of moving the joints. It is true that with the pulley we also have something that guides us and that freedom is not complete, but it is greater than the one we have in the multipower, besides working indirectly with loads, which is sometimes a good alternative.

Be that as it may, any training technique is valid, but what we should not do is only use one when working . It is true that the multipower offers us infinite possibilities and all very comfortable. Despite all the best is to alternate ways to train and work with all kinds of machines and training techniques to achieve spectacular results.

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