The most common mistakes in basic exercises: squatting mistakes


When we started training in the gym it is very important to know the correct technique of the basic exercises from the beginning: thus avoid bad posture habits or bad habits that, if we keep in time without correcting them can be very difficult to remove.

Not even the people who have been training for a long time are safe from not making mistakes in the technique, especially if we work with high weights. It is important that our priorities the good execution of the exercise before the amount of weight you can move.

The most common mistakes in basic exercises squatting mistakesIn this series of articles we will discuss one by one the most common mistakes in the basic exercises (squat, deadlift, bench press, chin -ups, shoulder presses and rowing) so we can identify them and correct them in time.

The most common mistakes in the squat

We start with the basic exercise par excellence: the squat. A multi-articular, very complete movement in which we involve large muscle groups with an emphasis on our lower limbs (legs and buttocks) and deep abdomen muscles (which helps us to maintain a correct posture).

What are the most common mistakes in the squat and how can we solve them?

  • We did not do even a quarter squat: is not always necessary to reach the floor in the squat, it is something that depends on what you want to work. But many people would want to lower more than they do and can not. The problem here, as discussed at length in a while, usually in a problem of ankle dorsiflexion and range of motion of the hip. These two things working with specific exercises (and whenever our bio-mechanics allows us) we may lose more in our squat.
  • We lean too far forward: the trunk should always lean slightly on the descent to find the center of gravity down, but that does not mean we do a bow or finish to turn the squat into a “good morning”. This is usually also a problem of hip mobility, so we will have to improve it to be able to lower more erections. Work the deep muscles of the abdomen, for example with planks, will also help us in this.
  • We put the weight of the body on the toes: wrong and also dangerous. The weight of the body must always rest on the heels, releasing the toes. From there, we force it down: we push the ground with the heels to be able to climb. If we carry the weight to the tips of the feet it is very possible that we end up on the ground.
  • We put the bar on the cervical vertebrae: the bar must be placed on the deltoids, not directly on bone. The reason often put above the low thoracic mobility and shoulders, something that can also work with stretching exercises.
  • We knees inward when lifting the weight: knees should always look out slightly, in line with the toes (slightly open). The fact push the knees inward (known as “valgus knees” ) usually it happens to have little strength in the buttocks or by a problem of knee hyperextension. Strengthening the buttock muscles with hip thrust may be a good start.
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