The material that you have to buy if you want to get fit from scratch


That exercise is good for the health of all of us is a fact and therefore who more and who least should be launched to do some physical activity. We have always highlighted it, and for this reason we want to stop at the material that we need to buy to get in shape and start from scratch.

Around this issue there are many doubts, and many things are not necessary to start training. Sometimes a series of dependence is generated around the materials necessary to train comfortably and not always everything is necessary. Therefore it is important that we take into account these tips that we are going to give you next in terms of equipment.

The clothing is essential

First of all we should start with the clothing. On many occasions we have highlighted the importance of choosing well what we are going to wear for sports, because the improvement in performance will depend in many cases on how we dress. Above all what we will look for will be the comfort and effectiveness of the clothes that we are going to wear.

The clothing must be well chosen. It has to be functional and comfortable, because it will be a great support.

Footwear is necessary and we must take care of it to the maximum

Wearing appropriate footwear for sport is essential. It is one of the things that we should not skimp on , since in the end it is the safeguard in the race, the grip in sports such as basketball or football … Do not forget that the feet are in contact with the ground and as such They are usually a vulnerable part that could suffer injuries or cause other discomforts arising from a bad footprint to appear in our body.

There are infinities types of footwear. To begin we must opt ​​for a good and adaptable to all circumstances

For these reasons, footwear is an essential garment that should never be lacking in a beginning athlete. Knowing the type of tread we have is necessary to choose a type and footwear. We can know this with a simple test that we will perform in the sports shoe store. But it is also necessary to choose the right shoes for the activity that we are going to play, because each sport has adequate and necessary footwear.

The same happens with the season, as there are winter and summer footwear , as well as specific for running indoors or outdoors. It is necessary that we handle all these variables. But to begin it will serve with a generic footwear that serves for the activity that we carry out and that absorbs the impact of the soil very well and adapts to our footprint.

Clothing is essential and we must choose well

The clothing equipment has the same connotations. In the market we have many options and trends. Garments for each sport and each activity. We recommend you to opt for a comfortable dress that suits our tastes and that will be useful for any type of activity.

The garments must be breathable and comfortable. Fashion and trends should be in second place

A maxim that should prevail is that the garments have to be breathable , that is, they allow the expulsion of heat and avoid the accumulation of sweat. They will never be good cotton garments, since they retain heat and moisture and can directly affect performance. The garments designed for this type of activity will be the most appropriate.

From here there are many other alternatives such as compression stockings that when running will help us keep our muscles warm for longer and reduce the risk of injury. Us to begin not recommend a big payout to not adapt to the activity and move forward. To start with comfortable and simple clothes will serve us.

The necessary complements to finish our clothing

As for the accessories we recommend always do not do without good gloves to protect our hands from friction with dumbbells and grips. As with clothes, we recommend that they be breathable and that they have a good reinforcement in the friction part. Their mission is to protect us and improve grip. Therefore, it will serve us with a model that meets these requirements.

The gloves are a very useful complement and that will help us improve the grip and avoid excessive friction

Of course, in the market we can find different variations of gloves made entirely of leather, with reinforcement in the wrists to increase the grip … We will always recommend that each person choose the ones that best fit their grip. In addition, comfort and mobility is paramount, and for this the gloves must contribute.

Another complement that will serve as support in training are usually the lumbar belts . We will not consider it as a necessary equipment to start training, since it is better to use it at times when we work with very high loads. It is better to strengthen the muscles of the CORE and do not use lumbar belts, because by protecting this area and keeping the muscles tight we will weaken the muscles of this area.

The menaje and what should not stop accompanying us in the trainings

As for the equipment that should accompany us in the training we will highlight two things, on the one hand a special bottle to always carry with us water or any isotonic drink to keep us hydrated during the exercise. There are many varieties on the market, but we recommend a simple one that does not release PVC or any type of plastic and that has a simple mechanism for both handling and drinking. Keep in mind that the bottle must be portable and easy to handle.

The bottle of water and the towel, always our companions at the time of training

Another complement that we must take into account and always with us is a good towel that serves both to soak the sweat and isolate us from the different machines in which we exercise. It is a necessary complement that will help us to keep dry and therefore avoid overwhelms by sweat. It can be a good ally when it comes to performing more even if it seems like a meaningless complement. In addition, there are models in the market that do not weigh anything and absorb.

Some considerations about equipment that seems necessary, but that we can do without at the beginning

Some considerations regarding other equipment is necessary that we have in mind, especially when we are going to start and we do not need so many things. But in spite of everything the tendency is always to equip us completely and it is not necessary to spend so much money to get us what is necessary to start exercising. Some equipment that will be Plan B or that we will acquire in the second phase will be:

  • Accessories such as anklets, elastic bands … They are not necessary to start training. It is true that little by little, as we acquire skills and knowledge we can start thinking about getting some of them. Although we must not forget that it will depend a lot on the activity that we carry out, because not always this type of equipment will serve us to exercise.
  • Insulating sponges to perform squats or to improve grip and isolate more grips are not necessary a priori. Above all we will need them when the loads we are going to use are greater and the friction with the body is greater. For that reason it is not necessary that nothing else to begin to train us we include them in the equipment.
  • Getting all of TRX equipment because it is good to start toning is not a good idea. Surely more than one have fallen into temptation and we have bought it without having little knowledge of how to train. The best thing at the beginning, if we opt for this type of training, is to go to a center where a monitor guides us and we learn to use it properly. Once we do it, we can already get a team if we still like and we are interested.
  • The same happens with the typical abdominal or fitball benches . Many people who start buying them as if it were a priority. They really are not necessary and in the end they end up occupying space at home or selling at a second-hand place …

Be that as it may, when it comes to equipping ourselves we must be coherent and not let ourselves be carried away by fashions. It is not necessary to go to train with the latest of the latest and with everything that we are supposed to need. Normally the training rooms of the gyms are provided with everything necessary to start exercising and it is better to see and adapt little by little to the requirements of the exercise.

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