The Difference Between Bamboo Toothbrush and ordinary Toothbrush


The main difference between ordinary plastic toothbrush and bamboo toothbrush, like those from Bambooth,  is obviously the material used for the handle. Plastic toothbrush handles are among the oldest varieties of toothbrush yet they too came only after a great length of time. The oldest wooden toothbrush handles were also invented in China in the late 15th century and used boar hairbrushing heads.

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Bamboo, being strong and hard, was found to be ideal for making the handles of bamboo toothbrushes. The soft bristles of ordinary toothbrushes are difficult to work with and it often damages teeth or causes gum irritation and cavities. The bristles of bamboo toothbrushes can be easily shaped and bent without damaging the handle. The bristles of these brushes can also be made into various designs which are also soft and comfortable to use. These designs help in creating the desired brushing strokes and rinses. Biobased handles of bamboo toothbrush create a sense of freshness when the brush is used and it also gives ease while brushing the teeth.

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Biobased handles of bamboo toothbrush do not contain any plastic but are made of strong nylon or polypropylene fibers that are durable and can withstand harsh materials like hydrogen peroxide. Biobased handles of bamboo toothbrush are resistant to hydrogen peroxide and hence cause no irritation to the users’ gums and teeth. These bristles are also biodegradable, which makes them an environment friendly. In the past, biobased handles of bamboo toothbrushes were painted with colors to enhance their looks but now they are mostly painted white. These handles are also available in various styles and designs.

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