The Dental Council: Regulating Ireland’s Professionals


The Dental Council works to promote high standards of professional education and conduct among Ireland’s dental professionals. Established under the provisions of the Dentists Act 1985, the Dental Council has a number of important functions, including establishing, maintaining and publishing a Register of Dentists and a Register of Dental Specialists.

The Dental Council

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The Dental Council works hard to regulate the dentists of Ireland so that the public can be certain that their dentist is authorised and accepted as a qualified professional by the regulatory body. The Council ensures that the education of dentists across Ireland is performed to the highest standard and that training provided at dental schools is of an equal standard so that qualifications are uniform. The Council also advises the dental profession and the public about matters relating to ethics within dentistry.

The Authority of the Council

Another important function of the Dental Council is to make inquiries into the suitability of a registered dentist to practise dentistry. This takes into consideration any allegations of professional misconduct along with other issues such as potential unsuitability due to mental health problems or physical disability. It is possible to remove an unsuitable dentist from the Register under the right circumstances.

The Council can strike dentists off, but it can also allow dentists to continue to practice despite being found guilty of misconduct under special circumstances. This authority is practised on rare occasions, similar to the situation reported in an article by the BBC relating to a senior dentist, Prof Philip Lamey, who won his appeal against being struck off. If dentists win their appeals, the Dental Council has the authority to reinstate them to the Register.

Ensuring the Highest Standards of Dentistry

There are many dental practices across Ireland, all of which are regulated by the Dental Council. For anyone looking for a dentist in Dublin, there are many expert dentists to choose from, such as, offering all kinds of treatments from general dentistry to cosmetic procedures and dental implants. Whichever practice you choose, you can be sure you’ll be treated by professionals who are regulated by the Council.

The Dental Council of Ireland ensures all practices are up-to-date on the correct procedures and methods so that customers can be confident of receiving the treatment they need and that all practitioners are fully trained and highly qualified.

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