The climber and its variants to burn calories at home


There are many ways to get the body fit and most of them involve cardio machines, expensive equipment or at least a payout in a gym. However, there are exercises that allow us to tone different muscles of the body and burn calories without any equipment as the climber, which today we bring some variants to burn calories at home.

Mountain climber the climber

The mountain climber or climber is an exercise with all the letters, because it is not only a movement that involves almost every muscle in the body and thus enables a good job of cardiorespiratory system but is ideal for burning calories.

The climber and its variants to burn calories at homeFor this reason, the climber can be a good exercise to accompany a weight loss plan and fat burning , but also strengthens muscles and improves endurance .

But the best of mountain climber climber or exercise is that it is very versatile and practical, because we can realize it without equipment, at home, outdoors or in the gym .

Before applying any of its variants it is always good to reinforce proper technique to remember that this exercise begins in pushup position with toes and palms on the floor as only support.

The body should be aligned from head to toe, for which it is important not to break the waist and keep the abdomen contracted throughout the exercise.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that the left knee should be directed to the left elbow and just when we return the leg to the initial position we perform the movement with the right knee that should be directed towards the right elbow. Thus alternately it carried out this exercise you can see in the video below:

Clearly this movement involves legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, shoulders and arms for execution from there it one of the best and most complete exercises you can do to get fit.

The climber and its variants

As always, we find a variety of alternatives to the classic climber or mountain climber exercise that will allow us to work at different intensities, request more of the body portions and also challenge the body with movements other than those already known.

If you are looking to progress and get fit at home, these are some variants that can :

  • Climber declined : with feet up on a chair, bench or other surface, perform the movement of the climber at a slower pace to avoid losing stability. This variant accentuates the shoulders and arms work to get most of the body weight on this area.
  • Cross climber : to work further oblique crunches can perform this variant in which the knee is not directed to the elbow on the same side but on the opposite side.
  • Climber Spider : bringing your knees on the sides of the body, moving them out of the elbows, can run this variant working abductors and abductors plus quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.
  • Climber to a hand or leg : for a job much more intense can subtract stability exercise removing the support of a hand or a leg and thus making the movement as we would with the four points of support.
  • Climber jump : instead of carrying legs alternately toward your chest, bringing your knees to elbow, we can jump on both legs together by positioning them as a “frog”, being both knees on either side of the elbow, on the side of body.
  • Skateboarder climber as : carrying legs either side of the body rather than direct them toward your chest, we can make the movement of the climber as a skateboarder to work further abductors and adductors .
  • Climber invested : in order to emphasize the work of the muscles of the back and abdomen, can perform the exercise face up, upside movement to the traditional position.

Climber exercise supports a large number of variants and in addition to the above – named can make the mountain climber combined with other movements, with different sports elements or inclined to support hands on a chair or bench with the aim of reducing the intensity of the movement.

If you want to tone muscles and burn calories at home climber and its variants it is an excellent choice to implement.

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