The career technique exercises that will help you in the challenge of the 10km


Week after week we continue with our challenge so that you run your first 10 kilometers and that, as you know, you can continue in our profiles of Facebook and Instagram. We are already in the third week of the challenge (out of a total of eight) and the objective is to reach the end of the year ready to release us in the 10 kilometers.

During the live question-and-answer video we posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and you can see here we talked a lot about the technique of career and its importance to avoid the appearance of injuries and to maximize our workouts. Here are some exercises that you can include in your training.

The career technique exercises that will help you in the challenge of the 10kmReview posts of skipping

The skipping is one of the techniques used to work on running technique, and also supports many variations that can combine with each other . The most traditional exercises are skipping forward (running while we bring our knees to the chest) and skipping backwards (running while wears our heels towards the gluteus).

In both cases we must make sure that during the whole exercise (we can start walking about 20 meters, for example, and then extend that distance a little) we keep our trunk erect activating core muscles, which helps us control our posture, And landed on the tip of the feet.

Other less known forms of skipping are the Russian skipping, where we keep our legs stretched forward by blocking our knees, and the circular skipping : a variant of traditional skipping with knees to the chest but more reminiscent of the movement of a pedaling, drawing A circle with our legs.

The skipping on one leg, wearing only one of our knees to your chest (and repeat with opposite leg to the finish) is another good way to work our running technique.

Jumps and multi-sports

Jumps and multi-jump exercises are other techniques that we can use to improve our career technique. Within the multi- jump, we highlight the “triple seconds” : an exercise that will help us improve the driving phase of our stride.

In the triple jump of athletics, the athletes before falling into the pit of sand give three long steps: the first two occur with the same leg, while the last and definitive occurs with the opposite leg. The “triple seconds” consist of simulating that second jump that propels us forward.

Also, the rope jumps can be a good way to have a better career technique: in addition to improving the coordination of our body, on the one hand we always land on the tip of the feet, and on the other we are forced to maintain a good Posture in which our back is held up, activating the musculature of our central zone.

Work of the musculature of the feet

Our feet carry an important load in everything related to the race, so it is very important that we work your muscles, as well as mobility and stability of the ankles. Simply walking barefoot for a few minutes through our house is already activating the musculature of the feet and working their own perception.

A very simple exercise that we can do in our own home is to place the bare foot on a towel and try to catch it with the toes. We can also do this exercise with a pencil: we place it in front of us, grab it with our toes and lift it for a few seconds.

Standing on your toes and holding us for a few seconds gives us a lot of information about their musculature and the state of our ankles. You can do it in front of a mirror and see what happens with your ankles when you tiptoe: are they kept straight? Do they curve outward or inward? If we are not able to keep our ankles in line we will need to strengthen them to improve our stability. Walking on tiptoe and performing the career technique exercises we have named above will help us achieve this.

Remember to include one session per week of exercise technique exercises.

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