Ten things you should do if you’ve been burned by the sun


Let’s start with the obvious: nobody should be exposed to sunlight without adequate protection, let alone do it to burn. First, because it is extremely uncomfortable and even painful. Second, because no tan deserves the health problems in the medium and long term that sunlight can produce on our skin.

That said, rare is the person who has never been burned. They are usually relatively mild burns that lead to redness and warming of the skin, tightness and subsequent peeling. In the most severe cases blisters are formed that may require medical treatment.

For all those who are in the first situation, here are some tips (tested in the first person by a paliducha) that can help them to treat burns.

  1. Put on cream. If you return to expose the affected area to the sun (which is not at all advisable), do not even think about doing it without having protected it before. And since you have the cream in your hand, also apply to the rest of the exposed skin. And it continues like this for the rest of the summer.
  2. Take a cool shower and / or apply wet and fresh cloths on the burn to lower the temperature.
  3. Apply moisturizing cream, better if you have an after sun function , to keep your skin hydrated. On this it depends that later you peel more or less.
  4. Avoid oil-based creams, as well as Vaseline or butter (yes, some people do) because they can block the pores of the skin preventing heat and sweat from coming out. The last thing you need is a pimple on the burn. Better look for water-based creams.
  5. Some natural compounds present in these creams are especially beneficial. Look for aloe vera in its ingredients.
  6. But it is much better, if you have access to an aloe vera plant , that you apply it directly to the burn. Inside its fleshy leaves there is a slug gelatin, extract it and spread it in the affected area. Nothing in the world can compare to that feeling of relief.
  7. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.
  8. Wear wide and fresh clothes and try to avoid any friction while the skin recovers.
  9. Keep applying moisturizer until the skin recovers completely, which can take several days, including the peeling process. Patience and try not to pull the skins and let them fall by themselves.
  10. You have already seen that burning is not funny. Next time, do not burn: Get cream !
Written by suNCh8

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