Start training with kettlebells or kettlebells with this circuit for your whole body


With the beginning of the new course we propose new challenges, new goals … and why not try new training modalities? If you have not yet trained with kettlebells or kettlebells, this may be the ideal time to start.

Kettlebells are a sort of rounded weight with a handle that facilitates handling. They differ from the traditional dumbbells in their shape, of course, and in that they place their center of mass out of our grip , thus making the rotational movements and work in the three planes of movement simpler.

All this means that the training with kettlebells demands a great activation of the muscles of the middle area of ​​our body , in charge of helping us to maintain an adequate posture throughout the movement, creating instability. In addition, working with kettlebells also requires a high degree of coordination and synergistic work of many muscle groups.

If you want to start training with kettlebells, then we leave you a circuit of about half an hour, suitable for beginners , in which all the major muscle groups are played.

The circuit begins with a cardiovascular warming to which we can also add a work of mobilization of our joints , paying especially attention to the shoulders, which will carry a good workload during training.

The training circuit, of which we will do three full rounds , consists of eight exercises, some of them multiarticular and others specific to a muscle group, which make us work our entire body.

  • Circles around the hips
  • Draw an eight with the kettlebell between the legs
  • Kettlebell swing in Russian style (raising the kettlebell only to the shoulder line, not above the head)
  • Kettlebell cleans with both arms
  • Kettlebell halos (drawing circles around the head to both sides)
  • Romanian deadlift with kettlebell (with semi-rigid legs)
  • Squats with bicep curl
  • Rowing inclined to one hand (with both arms)

As for the weight of the kettlebell, the ideal is to have kettlebells of different sizes , since we will not be able to move the same weight in an exercise involving large muscle groups (like the deadlift) than in another dedicated to small groups (such as kettlebell halos). If you look at the video, the kettlebell that the girl manages changes weight with each exercise.

When finished, and after making a return to calm, we can complete the training with a light cardio on tape or elliptical if we are in the gym, and ready to get in the shower.

Written by suNCh8

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