Some risks of steroid treatments


When summer arrives and with the excuse of bikini operation and a perfect body on the beach, many people decide to use steroids to achieve that desired body. In fact, despite being illegal, getting substances to carry it out is relatively easy and many people are succumbing, and getting younger. So in this post we want to go back to review some of the effects that these types of treatments can have on our body.

Worryingly, more and more young people and people who do not dedicate themselves to bodybuilding professionally and who have no medical or nutritional control, those who resort to these techniques to achieve an increase in muscle mass, increase in volume, lose weight and Fat … There are many types of cycles that apply, but they all usually have something in common, side effects. Some of these effects disappear on leaving the cycle, others end up becoming chronic. It is therefore important to review them.

Some risks of steroid treatmentsExcessive liver work

Most of these anabolic substances are assimilated through the liver, which makes the work of this organ is excessive and causes us to cause an overload of it. This means that by increasing the work of the liver liver enzymes increase, which can end up causing jaundice, clots and even diseases such as cancer.

Kidneys can become saturated

The kidneys are another organ that can be affected, since excess protein is removed through the kidneys. If you make them work in excess you can get their effectiveness decrease or develop kidney stones and even small wounds. In some cases, some people have been forced to have dialysis after a cycle because of the excess they have performed.

Harmful effects to the skin

The effects on the skin are also remarkable, mainly because when mixing aqueous steroids with oily ones they usually form pus ulcers in the area in which they are applied, since they are usually carried out for months and that is why this problem appears that at Leave the cycle heals, but usually leave marks. In addition, in the majority of cases dermal acne appears in areas such as the back, and even capillary loss may appear.

A danger to the heart

At the heart level cycles are often a danger, as steroids raise blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the excess of testosterone causes the walls of the heart to harden, which will be much less flexible and therefore the risk of infarction is much greater than in the case of a person or an organism that does not include Steroids in their day to day.

Possible testicular atrophy

The testicular atrophy is another of the things that may appear to cycles, and that is if we receive testosterone artificially, testes, which are naturally producing this hormone, will stop working and thus decrease its size and be atrophied. In addition, the excess of testosterone can produce an opposite effect, that is to say, the organism turns it into estrogens, reason why can appear effects like the gynecomastia, increase of the deposits of fat in the organism …

Psychological imbalances

Another point to take into account are the psychological imbalances , since the excess of testosterone increases our aggressiveness alternated with periods of depression, in addition to being at risk of psychotic outbreaks due to hormonal imbalance. Anxiety is another point to keep in mind, which will keep us up all day and in many cases we must resort to tranquilizers to counteract.

Risks to cellular health

Do not forget that cycles also increase the production of growth hormone, which is what causes muscle development so fast. But not only will it help us to grow our muscles, but there is a process called hyperplasia, which is basically an increase in the multiplication of the cells that make up the organism. But both the healthy and bad ones that can end up generating a cancer or accelerating its process in the case of existing already multiply. Hence a strong control by a specialist in these cases is necessary.

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