Some reasons why discs can be a good tool for training


Surely if we stop to think about the different devices that we can find in a training room we always think that the weight disks are simply to be used with the corresponding bars. This time we will stop at some of the reasons why we can use the discs when working different muscle groups. We are going to give you some reasons to train with disks.

Some reasons why discs can be a good tool for trainingFirst of all we must remember that the disks are training tools like any other, and are designed to be handled separately from the bars. In fact they have grips that make them more manageable, as well as different weights that will allow us to perform different exercises and adapt them to the needs that we have in a certain moment. For this reason and for much more they are very good when it comes to working our muscles.

One of the main reasons why we recommend also train discs is so manageable that are when performing different exercises. Especially when we are going to use both hands for the execution of the exercise. The disc, because it is flat, allows a better adaptation of the one that sometimes presents the dumbbells, since these usually have a larger volume and often prevent the realization of a real movement, but must be forced.

Different sizes and infinity of possibilities

To this we must add that the different sizes of disc helps us to make them more manageable, since there are some bigger that will force us to raise them with both hands. By having various weights we can vary greatly on the type of exercise that we will perform and intensity. So we can work on one hand or both and train with a single movement several parts of the body at a time. It is true that it is necessary to perfectly control the different movements, but it will be easy task with the knowledge of the technique.

A complete and intense work

Do not forget that the discs, after all, represent a dead weight that we must overcome. For us they are a huge resistance that will put to work the different muscles involved in the exercise, because we must overcome it. Therefore working with disks is very complete, since in this case we will not have support pulley or machine that often facilitates the movement of cargo. Here are our muscles that must overcome that resistance without further ado.

Easy to handle and different ways to do it

Due to the easy manipulation we have noted above, the discs can hold on to the body by means of ropes or ballast to intensify an exercise regularly usually carried out with our own body. In this case the discs will serve to increase the intensity and add more resistance to overcome by our muscles.

Not to forget that having a grip on each side, the disks are intended to be manipulated, so we always facilitate the movements and execution of different routines, so the exercises we will be able to run With them they are very wide, because we can use the discs when training shoulder, chest, squats, abs, obliques, biceps and triceps …

For this and many more reasons it is important that we do we release discs a common training tool that will help us change and change routines and exercises to improve results.

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