Say goodbye to sauces and hello to spices: the healthy alternative to flavor your dishes


The sauces are often what gives personality and flavor to a dish, but also one of the main pitfalls in which we fall when we want to eat healthy and lose weight: are high in calories, low in nutrients and also tempt us to dip ## bread, adding a few more calories to the final bill.

So if you are making an effort to lose the kilos you took at Christmas , or simply to eat a little more healthy, in Vitónica we encourage you to change sauces for other lighter and healthier condiments: spices , which add flavor without adding calories .

Why sauces are a bad ally for health

There are several reasons why sauces are a condiment to avoid, or to consume with much moderation, if we want to lose weight.

To begin, as we have said, add calories without adding much more . We always say that not all calories are the same , and that it is better to choose those that are accompanied by beneficial nutrients for health: proteins, slow absorption carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals … In the case of sauces, they are usually high in Fats and minerals such as sodium, which should be avoided in excess especially by people with the highest voltage than recommended.


Especially inadvisable are the sauces that we buy ready-made : mayonnaise, ketchup, barbecue sauce, soy sauce, aioli, sauces to dress salads … If we look at the ingredients of these sauces, we will find many that should have a very limited presence in our diet: poor quality oils, sugars, thickeners or salt among others.

If you are still one of those who can not go without sauces, it is best to do them yourself at home and you will know exactly what ingredients they have. To inspire you, here are thirteen healthy sauces and dressings recipes you can make at home.

Spices: a healthy alternative

Spices are a great alternative, a way to flavor your dishes without resorting to sauces. Among the great advantages they provide is to reduce salt intake, lower triglyceride levels in the blood, provide vitamins and minerals, feeling full and creativity and variety in the flavors.

These are some spices that you can use in your recipes to flavor (without calories) your dishes.

The chilli or chile

Especially recommended for lovers of spicy. But not only brings flavor. This spice is rich in capsaicin , a substance that provides satiety, helps to lighten digestion and accelerates metabolism, so it is perfect if we want to lose weight. If you need a recipe with inspiration, here is one: spicy tofu scrambled tacos .

The cinnamon

Cinnamon is a perfect alternative for sweet sauces, syrups, honey, etc. It provides aroma and flavor without the need to sugar the food , which reduces calories and is also perfect for people with diabetes or prediabetes, increases iron levelsand accelerates metabolism. To start using it, here is a recipe for oatmeal and apple cinnamon cookies .


The curry with its powerful smell and its yellow color is one of the species most associated with exotic food. In addition to its flavor, turmeric brings curry antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. There are dozens of recipes with which to take advantage of curry, here we leave you a quick curry of chicken and chickpeas .

Black garlic

Garlic brings flavor and beneficial properties ( allicin is, among others, antibacterial), but black garlic is its version with superpowers : it is achieved by fermenting garlic for a long time exposed to moisture, which softens its flavor, makes it less heavy to the stomach. It also helps regulate cholesterol and is rich in essential amino acids. To get you to try it, here is the recipe for a bimi sautéed with pumpkin and black garlic .

The pepper

It is a classic, and complements the salt so that if there is one on your plate, you will need less than the second, which is already an advantage. In addition, the piperine present in pepper helps maintain body temperature, reduces appetite and increases metabolism. Here we give you some tricks to get more out of the pepper , and here, a delicious recipe for salmon with pepper .

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